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Director of Coffee

Cody's Favorites

Coffee is the heart and soul of this company, and who knows better than the guy who picks them?

Cody is obsessed with finding the tastiest coffees around the globe. Thanks to his efforts, we can all enjoy a variety of flavors at Colectivo Coffee!

Blue Heeler

"Earthy, rich and sweet- it's no wonder Blue Heeler is a fan-favorite!"
Signature Blend

Blue Heeler

  • Earthy
  • Full Bodied
  • Spiced

Dark Sumatra

"Intensity in Ten Cities! Buckle up before drinking this coffee!"
  • Full Bodied
  • Smoky
  • Earthy


"With all of it's dark chocolate and dried fruit, this coffee is indulgent like a rich dessert."
  • Nutty
  • Dried Fruit
  • Dark Chocolate
Treat Yourself

Salted Caramel Cream Cold Brew

What else is there to say? Our classic cold brew topped with a irresistible salted caramel cold foam.

Salted Caramel Cream Cold Brew
Strong coffee served here

Creating Community in our Neighborhoods

Visit us at any of our cafes in the Milwaukee, Madison, or Chicago area! Every Colectivo cafe offers a unique experience, yet all of them share an inviting ambiance. Step into distinctive spaces and enjoy more than just strong coffee. Become part of the Colectivo community.

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This is where we started. We have 12 locations in Milwaukee and the surrounding regions including our Headquarters and our Roastery.

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Get the Colectivo experience at one of our three cafes in the heart of this lively college town.

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Experience our five unique Chicago cafes, from the historic charm of Andersonville with exposed brick and reclaimed furniture to the vibrant Lincoln Park patio with an outdoor fire pit.

Visit Chicago

What's New At Colectivo?

Guest Artist Series

Our latest collaboration with artist Basak Notz from our Chicago neighborhood.

See her illustration of Blue Heeler!

Spring Menu

Enjoy everything spring has to offer. From refreshing & sweet cold foam cold brews to delicious savory eats.

All New Website!

Explore our All New Website for a Streamlined and User-Friendly Shopping Journey.


Our hard-working, friendly teams of people make this a fun and inviting place to work.