Fair Trade Organic Medium


  • Raisin
  • Spiced
  • Tropical Fruit




Flavor Notes

"You won't find a better coffee to please all coffee drinkers alike. It's bold, it's sweet- it's wonderful!"
Cody K, Director of Coffee

The Deets

On the northern tip of Sumatra island in Aceh Province, the Gayo Highlands region churns out some of the best coffees in all of Indonesia. The rich, volcanic soils and unique cultivars create a cup profile prized for its complexity and rich, syrupy body. We source from the most reputable Fair Trade cooperatives that are dedicated to continuous quality improvements as well as providing economic and social benefits for their many members. This lot of Sumatra Fair Trade/Organic Highlands comes from our primary origin partners Koperasi Ketiara and features flavors of dried fruit, clove, black tea, and sweet herbs. Enjoy!

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