Ali Amr visits the Painted Caves! Free concert @ the Lakefront - Friday, June 20

Join us for a special performance by our wonderful friends Painted Caves! Ali Amr, an internationally recognized singer and qanun player, will perform with Painted Caves at our Lakefront cafe on Friday, June 20 at 6pm. More info about Painted Caves can be found here or on Facebook. Check out Ali Amr's website or read about his concert at the Newport Jazz Festival."an alchemical marriage of ’60s rock and age-old Arabic folk, producing an offspring entirely contemporary and ageless."  - The Shepherd Express"they follow the silk road in reverse...It’s safe to say that there is no group anywhere in the world who sound anything like them"  - New York Music Daily"Painted Caves emerges as a great work of art!"  - Inside World Music"in a parallel universe with a true world community, this is pop music"  - The Onion

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