Celebrating 25 Years of Creativity

Last year marked our 25th anniversary! As we reflect on a quarter century of creativity, community, and coffee, we’d like to thank the team that has helped shape Colectivo’s identity. Nearly everything you see in our cafes starts with three extraordinary people who have been with the company since the very beginning. Join us in celebrating their creativity!Talented artist/designer couple Joe and Janice Niedzialkowski provide the brains and brawn behind each cafe aesthetic, creating design elements both inside and out. Their work ranges from metal and woodworking, to furniture and lighting, to landscaping and sculpture. Evidence of their work can be seen in delightful details both big and small across all of our locations.On the graphic design side, there’s the illustrious Kevin Callahan. Over the past 20 years at Colectivo, his pen helped make our brand an iconic part of coffee culture in Milwaukee and beyond. Kevin created nearly every image you see on our bags, t-shirts, stickers and more. He draws inspiration from our producer partners in growing origins around the world and strives to make every design emblematic of the people and places our coffee comes from.Thanks for all you’ve done for us Joe, Janice, and Kevin!‘Qualmness’ – by adoptahighway from the album ‘A Fault’ (2015, Wednesday Sound)