Celebrating Black History Month with The Griot & ABHM

Celebrating Black History Month with The Griot & ABHM

In honor of Black History Month, we introduce The Griot (pronounced GREE-oh), a blend celebrating the West African tradition of oral historians who shared the past and present through music, poetry, and storytelling. This combination of coffees offers notes of peach, date, and light-bodied red wine with a balanced honey sweetness. The Griot will be available in cafes and at ColectivoCoffee.com Feb. 1 - Feb. 8, 2021.


The Griot is brought to you in partnership with America's Black Holocaust Museum (ABHM) and the Griots that act as the museum's docents. $1 per bag will help advance ABHM's vision for a society that remembers its past in order to shape a better future – a nation undivided by race where every person matters equally.

Each week during Black History Month, our partners at America’s Black Holocaust Museum are offering up a free series of virtual conversations and programs to celebrate Black history as an integral part of American history. Learn about their upcoming panel discussions, interviews, and more!

A unique experience for visitors from near and far, ABHM is both a historical and memorial museum with two ways to share the story of the Black Holocaust: through on-site galleries for people who can visit their brick-and-mortar museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and through on-line galleries with access to 3300+ virtual exhibits. The museum describes and commemorates the Black Holocaust from pre-captivity in Africa to the present day and was originally founded in 1984 by Dr. James Cameron, the only known survivor of a lynching.