Celebrating Breakfast with Coffee & Sandwich Pairings!

Celebrating Breakfast with Coffee & Sandwich Pairings!

Rise & Shine! We're celebrating classic breakfast combos this month at Colectivo! 🌞

We recently introduced an all-new lineup of delicious Breakfast Sandwiches, served on our house-made English Muffins prepared from scratch by Troubadour Bakery. With four different varieties to choose from, you can enjoy a new sandwich every week! Plus our Coffee Department has offered up some terrific coffee pairings to highlight the flavors in each sandwich.

We're kicking things off with our Low Cal Turkey Bacon English Muffin Sandwich. This locally-inspired new morning favorite features Jones Dairy Farm's turkey bacon, scrambled egg whites with spinach and red bell peppers, topped with provolone cheese and tomato. It's sandwiched in a scratch-baked whole wheat English Muffin made with locally milled flour. Try it with our Featured Farm Kenya Kiambu Gifted Estate, which offers the characteristic bright acidity of a classic Kenya along with candied orange peel, vanilla, and citrus notes.

Sept 7 - Sept 13
Kenya Kiambu Gifted Estate w/ Low Cal Turkey Bacon EM Sandwich - bright flavors make for a sunny way to start your day.

Sept 14 - Sept 20
Mexico Kulaktik w/ Impossible English Muffin Sandwich - Kulaktik offers flavors of semisweet chocolate, lemon, cinnamon, and dried fruit. It is one of our longest-standing Fair Trade relationship coffees, paired with the our impossibly good breakfast sandwich!

‍Sept 21 - Sept 27
Del Sol Breakfast Blend w/ Bacon Egg English Muffin Sandwich - a morning tradition! Get up and go with the bright acidity of our classic breakfast blend, pairs beautifully with the savory bacon and egg combo.

Sept 28 - Oct 4
Guatemala Mountain of Flowers w/ Sausage Breakfast English Muffin Sandwich - This is a fan-favorite seasonal coffee with notes of grapefruit, dark chocolate, and tropical fruit, and a sparkling acidity. Mountain of Flowers offers a juiciness that pairs with a quintessential breakfast sammie. You can't go wrong with sausage, eggs, and cheese!

Stop into any Colectivo cafe to enjoy. Here's to breakfast!