Can't Find The Coffee You're Looking For? Read Here!

Along with our new name, we've also updated some of the names we call our coffees! (Note these changes apply to our online customers only. Cafe customers should be familiar with these updates, as they went into effect in our stores back in December 2012.)RENAMED COFFEESAlterra’s Favorite is now Co-OptivaBreakfast Blend is now Del SolCafé Voltaire is now VoltaireColombia El Castillo is now Colombia Paso FinoCosta Rica Campeón del Valle is now Costa Rica CampeónFrench Roast is now Velo French RoastPunch in the Face is now MaximilianSumatra Gayoland is now Sumatra Highlands Decaf Colombia El Castillo is now Decaf Colombia Paso FinoDecaf French Roast is now Decaf VeloDark Sumatra Gayoland is now Dark Sumatra HighlandsSEASONAL COFFEESThe following coffees are now offered seasonally, at the peak of freshness and quality! Visit our Seasonal Offerings page to see what coffees are available right now.George's Burly BlendKenya AA NyeriMexico KulaktikPeru ChirinosSumatra MandhelingDecaf WP Peru ChirinosDISCONTINUED COFFEESWe've also said goodbye to just a couple of our online offerings. We encourage you to try the recommendations below or contact us to find the coffee that's right for you!Campesino Blend - we recommend Nicaragua Don ZeledonDecaf Breakfast Blend - we recommend Decaf Colombia Paso FinoNew-and-improved 1-lb coffee packing for our online customers...For those of you who order coffee from us online, we are excited to share a new 1lb-coffee bag design. (Those of you who visit us in our cafes have been buying coffee in these great new packages since December of 2012.) The custom-designed packaging is easier to open and has improved barrier protection for fresher coffee! We hope you love the new design as much as we do. Please note that 1/2 pound packaging is no longer available.