Colectivo: Proud Sponsor of the Green Mini Demo Derby!

When a local artist asks if you want to sponsor a car in a solar powered, remote control mini demolition derby, how do you respond? Well, first you say, "Excuse me, can you please repeat that?" Then once you wrap your head around the concept, you reply with a resounding "YES!"Colectivo is thrilled to be joining the ranks of drivers and car sponsors of the Green Mini Demo Derby, a project by Colin Matthes. Here's some further info from Colin's blog:"The Green Mini Demo Derby includes a mobile solar electric power generator that fuels a demolition derby made up of remote control cars. Businesses have sponsored race teams, with each team having their own driver, car, and uniform. The cars have customized wood bodies, and will compete on a plywood course. There will be multiple heats of between 4 and 6 cars, with the winners of each heat competing in a final race for the trophy. These competitions will occur over the course of the Mary Nohl exhibition at Inova, Milwaukee, with the cars being displayed on pedestals as they transform."Derby Calendar (all events happen at Inova Gallery, 2155 North Prospect Avenue):

  • Heat 1 (first round): September 27th around 8pm
  • Heat 2 (first round): October 10th at 6pm
  • Championship Heat: Nov 14th at 6pm

Go Team Colectivo!!


 The CoCo Car - vroooom!