A Day & Night For Meta House

“GROWING UP, I ALWAYS DREAMED OF BEING AN ADDICT.”         - Said No One EverToo often, blame and harsh criticism – rather than support and compassion – are placed on those struggling with the debilitating disease of addiction. In the midst of a public health crisis, our community will continue to face dire challenges if we continue to stigmatize those struggling with addiction.During the month of April, Colectivo is helping to spread the word about Meta House, a Milwaukee organization working to end the generational cycle of drug and alcohol addiction by healing women and strengthening families. Join us this spring in supporting A Night & Day for Meta House, and hear incredible stories of women who made the brave decision to seek help to overcome their addiction.This year’s theme – Said No One Ever – seeks to initiate a broader conversation about how stigmatizing individuals struggling with addiction has profoundly adverse effects on their recovery as well as their openness to enrolling in treatment.A Night for Meta House Thurs. 4/27& A Day for Meta House Fri. 5/5Learn more at metahouse.org/meta-events