Easter Sunday Holiday Hours

Please check our holiday hours before heading to cafes on Sunday, April 1, 2018. Hippity hoppity!Bay View: 7am-8pmBayshore: 8am-2pmChicago - Logan Square & Lincoln Park: 6:30am-8pmFoundry: 7am-6pmGrafton: 6:30am-6pmHumboldt: 7am-8pmLakefront: 6:30am-9pmMadison- Monroe St., State St. & on the Square: 7am-8pmMequon: 6:30am-6pmProspect: 7am-8pmShorewood: 6:30am-8pmThird Ward: 7am-6pmUSBank: closed on Sunday, open 6am-3pm on Friday, 3/30Wauwatosa - 68th St & Swan Blvd.: 6:30am-7pm