Local Vendor Spotlight: Meadowlark Organics

Local Vendor Spotlight: Meadowlark Organics

Our new Low-Cal Turkey Bacon Egg White Breakfast Sandwich is served on a delicious, scratch-made Whole Wheat English Muffin. This latest offering from Troubadour Bakery is made with locally grown and milled whole wheat (Hard Red Spring and Hard Red Winter varieties) flour from Meadowlark Organics in Ridgeway, WI.

Meadowlark sits in the Driftless area of Wisconsin and is owned and operated by John and Halee Wepking, a couple who met while cooking at a New York City restaurant. Their background has provided them with a unique perspective and the ability to cross the line between farmer and chef. John and Halee now manage Meadowlark in partnership with organic farm owner Paul Bickford, who plans to eventually transition ownership to the couple through a unique and mutually beneficial working relationship.

A mill is slated to open this fall on the farm called Meadowlark Community Mill, which will serve farmers, bakers, chefs, and eaters alike. One of the primary goals is to increase the demand for locally grown and ground grains, so that more farmers have the opportunity to diversify their crop rotation (getting beyond row crops like corn and soy).

Meadowlark's flour is unlike commodity/grocery store flour in many ways - it is unrefined and 100% slow stone ground, which means the flour stays comparatively cool in the process, preserving nutrients and flavor. Their products are alive with these vital nutrients, flavors and texture, and our team of bakers has been excited about the opportunity to work with such an exceptional product!

Family portrait above by Andy Manis.