For those of you interested in dairy alternatives, starting March 11, 2014, we will offer almond milk - in addition to cow and soy milk - at all of our cafes!Available as a 50-cent add-on, almond milk can be ordered as the milk of choice for your lattes, cappuccinos, mochas etc...also consider it as an add-on for your granola if you'd like.We proudly serve Pacific Foods Barista Series all natural, NON-GMO original almond milk.  This almond milk is gluten free, soy free, vegetarian and vegan.  For more information visit note that while we pride ourselves on keeping our espresso bars very clean and do what we can to prevent cross-contamination, those with any serious food/beverage allergies should know our espresso drinks are made on equipment that may have trace elements of dairy, soy and almond.