Presenting: Colectivo's Manual Brewing Video Series!

We're excited to share with you the first of many videos demonstrating techniques for manual coffee brewing.  First up, we present the pour over.Preparing coffee with a V60, Chemex or woodneck is simple once you have the basics!

Be sure to check out our handy visual guides with step-by-step instructions for pour over, French press, aeropress or siphon - and keep an eye out out for even more how-to videos.If you have any questions, our baristas are knowledgable and happy to help - so swing by your nearest Colectivo cafe and put them to the test. We carry a wide range of brewing devices in our stores and many of them are available at our online shop as well. Happy brewing!Special thanks to the outstanding group Zammuto for providing our brewing soundtrack. Check out even more of their music here.