Ready-To-Drink Oat Milk Lattes!

Ready-To-Drink Oat Milk Lattes!

Hello all coffee lovers!

This broadcast is brought to you by our newest ready-to-drink Oat Milk Latte, a close relative of our session cold brew cans!

This single 8 oz canned drink is available at all of our Colectivo locations starting today for $3.95! Stay caffeinated when you’re on the move with this readily available drink and enjoy it at your earliest convenience! Although, we personally believe it’s best to enjoy this drink when it’s chilled. This drink is also shelf stable and does not have to be refrigerated! Luxury at its finest.

Our canned oat milk latte has a very oat-milk forward flavor profile with a delicately smooth and creamy texture. Happy to announce that this drink is low in sugar, dairy free and vegan! 4-packs of this drink will be available later this Summer, stay tuned!

From May 6th - May 7th, 2024 or while supplies last, receive a free Oat Milk Latte sticker when you make a purchase at any Colectivo cafes!