A message from Colectivo

Hello, Friends & Neighbors -

We’ve been relatively quiet as a company this week as we have spent our time talking with our co-workers about recent events. In an effort to move forward in a thoughtful and meaningful way, we have been patient with our communication as we aligned our message with our actions. That said, we would like to state clearly and unequivocally that black lives matter, and that diversity, equity, and inclusion are critical to our success as individuals, as a business, and as a community.

We know our communities are hurting and we feel that pain alongside them. We grieve not just for the loss of George Floyd but the loss of so many people of color who have been killed by police for years. We’ve been dealing with racism and its systemic biases for too long. We all must work at it every day to educate ourselves and each other to make it better.

We can imagine a time when people interact with each other’s humanity rather than skin color, and we are inspired by the worldwide demonstrations that are pushing against systemic injustice and for better police accountability. We are humbled by the resolve and the energy as people show up at real risk to themselves to advocate for something better. We stand with you in unity!

As for our company, we do not have an exact roadmap for the journey ahead, but we do have a starting place. Next week is the beginning of our collaboration with the NAACP. To initiate this collaboration we will release a special coffee called “Unity,” which combines two of our relationship coffees from Ethiopia. 100% of the proceeds from every bag sold will be sent to the local Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago NAACP chapters. While our fundraising efforts will help underwrite the NAACP's important work, we see our partnership with the NAACP positively influencing the diversification of our organization.

Thank you for listening and thank you for supporting Colectivo and our people - and each other - during these challenging times.

Ward, Lincoln & Paul
Co-Founders, Colectivo Coffee