Colectivo Coffee Artist Series • The Community

Colectivo Coffee Artist Series • The Community

Hi Friends!

This February we decided to partner with a local non-profit organization, The Community. 

The Community

This organization started off as a newsletter by Shannon Ross, the founder and executive director.

The Community firmly believes in the transformative power of rehabilitation and second chances. Their mission is to dismantle societal taboos and empower individuals who have shown a dedication to change and growth. They are committed to rewriting the narrative and challenging the stigma of having a criminal record.

Members of this non-profit organization are actively involved in supporting reformed individuals, providing them with the resources and opportunities needed to reintegrate into society successfully. Through their efforts, the organization strives to spread awareness regarding the value and potential of every individual, regardless of their past.

Love Supreme

February is the month of Love Supreme, a blend that inspires love, empathy, and human connection. With that being said, we’ve collaborated with three artists associated with The Community. Each artist created their own illustration of what comes to mind when they hear the words Love Supreme

  My name is Charles Gray and this piece is called “Just the Two of Us.” I am inspired by everyday life and I look forward to sharing how I see the world.
Sarah Demerath began creating art as a tool to survive and discovered it was an incredible way to express compartmentalized emotions.
DarRen paints from his memories, his spirituality and his life in prison. The piece is titled "Sharing Creates Community.”

Each of these labels of Love Supreme will be available for sale, in lieu of our regular label, from February 9th thru February 11th, while supplies last.

You may purchase these special edition bags HERE.

All proceeds will go to The Community organization.