Colectivo Proudly Supports Renaissance Theaterworks and "The Understudy"

The Understudy By Theresa RebeckJanuary 17-February 9, 2014Directed by Mallory MetoxenFeaturing Cassandra Bissell, Philip Sletteland and Ken T. Williams"There is an infinite amount of hope in the universe ... but not for us." - Franz KafkaIn this bitingly witty and entertaining comedy, the lights of Broadway cast an affectionate glow on one of the most notorious roles in the theater: the understudy. The play opens with Franz Kafka’s undiscovered masterpiece making its Broadway premiere. Roxanne, the stage manager, has the daunting task of running the understudy rehearsal. Enter Harry, a journeyman actor who just happens to be Roxanne’s ex-fiancé. And then there’s Jake, a Hollywood action star craving a little legitimacy. Throw in a stoned light board operator and a bunch of producers threatening to close down the show and you have one very funny comedy.Colectivo is excited to support Renaissance and this production, a directorial debut for our very own Mallory Metoxen. To learn more about Renaissance Theaterworks, Milwaukee's only women-founded, women-run theatre company, click here.