Extremely Rare & Exceptional...Panama La Esmeralda Geisha Now Available For Pre-Order

Extremely Rare & Exceptional...Panama La Esmeralda Geisha Now Available For Pre-Order

*Update: Panama La Esmeralda Geisha has sold out*

We've always prided ourselves on offering fantastic coffees for all of our customers, but have shied away from certain "rare and exceptional" selections, simply because the lots were so small. La Esmeralda Geisha is one of those coffees. Once we had the chance to taste it, we fell in love and could not pass up the opportunity to share it with other coffee lovers...

Among the myriad producers who supply roasters and consumers with amazing coffees, there are a few stars whose light shines so brightly they are known simply by their name. One of these stars is Hacienda La Esmeralda, located on the southeastern slopes of Volcán Barú in far-western Panama.

La Esmeralda consists of four distinct farms – two of which produce geisha, the heirloom cultivar originally from Ethiopia for which La Esmeralda first gained fame. Ever since it was introduced at the annual "Best of Panama" competition in 2004 (which it handily won), the La Esmeralda Geisha has retained its star power.

Geisha has a truly unique flavor that cannot be described and instead has to be tasted to be believed. Since it's an heirloom cultivar from Ethiopia it resembles a high-quality washed Yirgacheffe, but it has a distinct profile that specialty coffee professionals can immediately recognize. Geishas are now produced around the world, but it's La Esmeralda that made it famous, and we simply couldn't pass up this opportunity.

Colectivo is thrilled to offer this exceptional coffee so that customers can experience its unique profile. With notes of jasmine and lemongrass enhanced by a silky body, Panama La Esmeralda Geisha is simply unparalleled.

Panama La Esmeralda Geisha is available for pre-orders starting on Monday, March 9, 2020 with free shipping on all bags! This exceptional coffee will only be available for pre-order online. It will also available by the cup starting March 16 while supplies last at the following locations:

MKE: Bay View, East Tosa, Humboldt, Prospect, Shorewood, Third Ward
MAD: Monroe, Tenney
CHI: Lincoln Park, Wicker Park

Please enjoy this gem of a coffee. Cheers!