Panama Gesha Splash Process

Panama Gesha Splash Process

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The Gesha variety is one of the most difficult coffees to grow and harvest in the world causing extremely limited production. While more farms are investing in Gesha seeds across continents, the true quality of the coffees lies with experienced producers.

Grown by Enrique Pretel in Boquete Panama, this coffee has it's foundation set in one of the most premier ecological locations in the world. Nutrient-rich volcanic soil, flourishing microclimates and perfect elevation make Boquete the perfect place to grow coffee.

Enrique's farms sits at 1,700 meters above sea level and is only a 14-acre plot with about 7,000 coffee plants. This gives his team the ability to monitor plant growth through the course of harvest.

Once these coffee cherries reached a perfectly-ripe purple, Enrique and his team weighed and packaged the freshly picked cherries, ensuring their quality before they underwent further processing. Here is where the SPLASH Process begins. This coffee was depulped and went through 48 hours of aerobic fermentation (in open air). Then it was stored in an oxygen free, anaerobic environment with a special blend of lactic acid bacteria for 23 hours and laid to rest on patio to dry for 33 days.

The result of this meticulous care is one of the most elegant coffees in the world. A harmonic balance of gentle sweetness with guava, cantaloupe and pink floral notes.