Guest Artist Series

In this series, we collaborate with gifted artists from our community. Each artist brings their unique style to create stunning pieces inspired by our world of coffee. Every now and then, you'll see a classic Colectivo coffee icon reimagined through fresh artistic lenses. And in between those reimaginations are some hand-crafted mugs, because coffee will always need a friend to keep it warm.

Creativity Starts Here

It's no surprise we're passionate about showcasing artistic talent alongside the craft of coffee. That's why we launched the Guest Artist Series—an avenue to celebrate the creativity and imagination of local artists.

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Where Imagination Takes Shape

Milwaukee-based Little Fire Ceramics strives to encourage joy and connection in everyday experiences by creating unique handmade ceramics which marry form and function.

We were ecstatic to have the opportunity to collaborate with Jessica Egan on these beautifully handcrafted mugs for our Artist Series. Each mug showcases the remarkable talent and artistic ability thriving in our neighborhoods.

Every piece is thoughtfully designed, prototyped, and handmade by the artist.

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Little Fire Ceramics

Espresso Toro Reimagined


A painter and illustrator from the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago who took our classic Toro bag to make it his own.

He has been part of the activist and artistic community for years, using his art and voice as a means to challenge and question the world around him.

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Misewell has a passion for designing well-made objects that are not only beautiful and functional, but ethically and sustainably produced. Established by brothers Vincent & Paul Georgeson, everything is hand-crafted locally in Milwaukee. Visit for more timeless goods, handmade in the USA.

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Blue Heeler in new light

Basak Notz

Basak Notz is a Turkish visual storyteller in Chicago. 

She is a published illustrator who enjoys slowing down to seek the beauty around her, and draws from her bi-continental observations to reflect on what she sees.

Basak Notz

The Community

Love Supreme

The Community is a local non-profit organization that we've partnered with in the past. For this project, we chose our February special: Love Supreme, a blend that inspires love, empathy, and human connection.

The Community firmly believes in the transformative power of rehabilitation and second chances. Their mission is to dismantle societal taboos and empower individuals who have shown a dedication to change and growth.

We’ve collaborated with three artists associated with The Community. Each artist created their own illustration of what comes to mind when they hear the words Love Supreme.

Charles Gray

My name is Charles Gray and this piece is called “Just the Two of Us.” I am inspired by everyday life and I look forward to sharing how I see the world.

Sarah Demerath

Sarah Demerath began creating art as a tool to survive and discovered it was an incredible way to express compartmentalized emotions.

DarRen Morris

DarRen paints from his memories, his spirituality and his life in prison. The piece is titled "Sharing Creates Community.”
Love Supreme

Love Supreme

By Charles Gray

By Charles Gray

By Serah Demerath

By Serah Demerath

By DarRen Morris

By DarRen Morris